From: "dmutidjian" <utidjian@r...>
Date: Tue Jul 27, 2004 10:09 am
Subject: Re: powering magnia on without daughter board

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> How do you power the magnia on without the daughter board?
> Ive given up on the toshiba software.

It is quite simple.

You need to locate the connector marked "PANEL" or "PANEL1" on the system board. It is directly between the battery and the daughterboard connector. This connector has 20 pins (2 rows of 10 pins).

In order to turn power on to the main board you need to momentarily jumper pins 9 and 10. Pins 9 and 10 are the fifth pair of pins if you are counting from the front (closest to the battery).

It is quite awkward to momentarily jumper those pins... especially if you do it more than once. I don't really like the idea of sticking a conductor in to such a tight place. Fortunately the Magnia has a built in solution.

When you remove the daughterboard you also remove the ribbon connector for the display and two small 2 pin connectors labeled J12 and J10. J10 connects to the power button on the front panel and J12 connects to the display button on the front panel. I found J10 to be too short and J12 is just right.

Disengage the plastic wire clip near the fans (use a screwdriver).

Carefully route J12 over to the PANEL1 connector and plug it in to the fifth pair of pins.

Now you can use the display button on the front panel as the power switch.

This is very convenient if you are doing a lot of testing and fiddling around and much safer than wiggling a screwdriver or whatever around